Accepted papers


118A Decentralized Reactive Approach to Online Task Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing EnvironmentsPeng, Qinglan; Xia, Yunni; Wang, Yan; Wu, Chunrong; Luo, Xin; Lee, Jia
128Detecting User Significant Intention via Sentiment-Preference Correlation Analysis for Continues App ImprovementXiao, Jianmao; Chen, Shizhan; He, Qiang; Wu, Hongyue; Feng, Zhiyong; Xue, Xiao
134Optimal Evolution Planning and Execution for Multi-Version Coexisting Microservice SystemsHe, Xiang; Tu, Zhiying; Liu, Lei; Xu, Xiaofei; Wang, Zhongjie
148Fault-tolerating Edge Computing with Server Redundancy based on a Variant of Group Degree CentralityDu, Wei; Zhang, Xiran; He, Qiang; Liu, Wei; Cui, Guangming; Chen, Feifei; Ji, Yuan; Cai, Chenran; Yang, Yanchao
158Tail-Latency-Aware Fog Application Replica PlacementFahs, Ali J.; Pierre, Guillaume
168TD-EUA: Task-decomposable Edge User Allocation with QoE OptimizationZou, Guobing; Liu, Ya; Qin, Zhen; Chen, Jin; Xu, Zhiwei; Gan, Yanglan; Zhang, Bofeng; He, Qiang
175RESTest: Black-Box Constraint-Based Testing of RESTful Web APIsMartin-Lopez, Alberto; Segura, Sergio; Ruiz-Cortés, Antonio
184A Trust and Energy-Aware Double Deep Reinforcement Learning Scheduling Strategy for Federated Learning on IoT DevicesRjoub, Gaith; Abdel Wahab, Omar; Bentahar, Jamal; Bataineh, Ahmed
186ICS-Assist: Intelligent Customer Inquiry Resolution Recommendation in Online Customer Service for Large E-Commerce BusinessesFu, Min; Guan, Jiwei; Zheng, Xi; Zhou, Jie; Lu, Jianchao; Zhang, Tianyi; Zhuo, Shoujie; Zhan, Lijun; Yang, Jian
187A Knowledge Graph based Approach for Mobile Application RecommendationZhang, Mingwei; Zhao, Jiawei; Dong, Hai; Deng, Ke; Liu, Ying
194FAST: A Fairness Assured Service Recommendation Strategy Considering Service Capacity ConstraintWu, Yao; Cao, Jian; Xu, Guandong
196Real-time Automatic Configuration Tuning for Smart Manufacturing with Federated Deep LearningZhang, Yilei; Li, Xinyuan; Zhang, Peiyun
198Fine-Grained Task Distribution for Mobile Sensor Networks with Agent Cooperation RelationshipZHANG, YANG; TAO, YE; ZHANG, SHUKUI; ZHANG, LI; LONG, HAO
208Mobility-Aware Service Placement for Vehicular Users in Edge-Cloud EnvironmentMudam, Rahul; Bhartia, Saurabh; Chattopadhyay, Soumi; Bhattacharya, Arani
210Feature-Model-Guided Online Reinforcement Learning for Self-Adaptive ServicesMetzger, Andreas; Quinton, Clément; Mann, Zoltan Adam; Baresi, Luciano; Pohl, Klaus
215A Type-Sensitive Service Identification Approach for Legacy-to-SOA MigrationAbdellatif, Manel; Tighilt, Rafik; Moha, Naouel; Mili, Hafedh; Elboussaidi, Ghizlane; Privat, Jean; Guéhéneuc, Yann-Gaël
228Topology-aware Continuous Experimentation in Microservice-based ApplicationsSchermann, Gerald; Oliveira, Fabio; Wittern, Erik; Leitner, Philipp
229A Spectrum of Entropy-Based Precision and Recall Measurements Between Partially Matching Designed and Observed ProcessesKalenkova, Anna; Polyvyanyy, Artem
230Energy Minimization for Cloud Services with Stochastic RequestsWang, Shuang; Sheng, QuanZ.; Li, Xiaoping; Mahmood, Adnan; Zhang, Yang
241Scalable Joint Optimization of Placement and Parallelism of Data Stream Processing Applications on Cloud-Edge Infrastructurede Souza, Felipe Rodrigo; da Silva Veith, Alexandre; Dias de Assunção, Marcos; Caron, Eddy
250A game-based secure trading of big data andIoT services: Blockchain as a two-sided marketBataineh, Ahmed; Bentahar, Jamal; Abdel Wahab, Omar; Mizouni, Rabeb; Rjoub, Gaith
255Allocation Priority Policies for Serverless Function-execution Scheduling OptimisationDe Palma, Giuseppe; Giallorenzo, Saverio; Mauro, Jacopo; Zavattaro, Gianluigi
269Accelerate Personalized IoT Service Provision by Cloud-Aided Edge Reinforcement Learning: A Case Study on Smart LightingNa, Jun


119Metrics for Assessing Architecture Conformance to Microservice Architecture Patterns and PracticesNtentos, Evangelos; Zdun, Uwe; Plakidas, Konstantinos; Meixner, Sebastian; Geiger, Sebastian
170Latest Image Recommendation Method for Automatic Base Image Update in DockerfileKitajima, Shinya; Sekiguchi, Atsuji
209Online Topic Modeling for Short TextsRoy, Suman; Malladi, Vijay Varma; Sengupta, Ayan; Das, Souparna


102Impact of Service- and Cloud-Based Dynamic Routing Architectures on System ReliabilityAmiri, Amirali; Zdun, Uwe; Simhandl, Georg; van Hoorn, André
111A Practice-Oriented, Control-Flow-Based Anomaly Detection Approach for Internal Process AuditsSchumann, Gerrit; Kruse, Felix; Nonnenmacher, Jakob
159On Discovering Data Preparation Modules Using ExamplesBelhajjame, Khalid
160API-Prefer: An API Package Recommender System based on Composition Feature LearningLiu, Yancen; Cao, Jian
179Fast Replica of Polyglot Persistence in Microservice Architectures for Fog ComputingCantarutti, Michele; Plebani, Pierluigi; Salnitri, Mattia
180Automated Quality Assessment of Incident Tickets for Smart Service ContinuityBaresi, Luciano; Quattrocchi, Giovanni; Tamburri, Damian Andrew; Van Den Heuvel, Willem-Jan
181A Dynamic Cost Model to Minimize Energy Consumption and Processing Time for IoT Tasks in Mobile Edge Computing EnvironmentGrave Gross, João Luiz; Matteussi, Kassiano José; dos Anjos, Julio C. S.; Resin Geyer, Cláudio Fernando
202PATRIoT: A data sharing platform for IoT using a service-oriented approach based on blockchainLoukil, Faiza; Ghedira-Guegan, Chirine; Benharkat, Aïcha-Nabila
206Two-Sided Matching Scheduling using Multi-Level Look-Ahead Queue of Supply and DemandChen, Mincheng; Yuan, Jingling; Wang, Nana; Luo, Yi; Luo, Pei
243Dynamic Edge User Allocation with User specified QoS preferencesPanda, Subrat Prasad; Ray, Kaustabha; Banerjee, Ansuman
257Designing Optimal Robotic Process Automation ArchitecturesMahala, Geeta; Sindhgatta, Renuka; Khanh Dam, Hoa; Ghose, Aditya
259Exploring Interpretability for Predictive Process AnalyticsSindhgatta, Renuka; Ouyang, Chun; Moreira, Catarina
260Charting Microservices to Support Services’ Developers: the Anaximander ApproachMosser, Sébastien; Caissy, Jean-Philippe; Juroszek, Florian; Vouters, Florian; Moha, Naouel
268Automated SLA Negotiation in the IoT Environment – A Metaheuristic ApproachLi, Fan; Clarke, Siobhán
280Pricing in the Competing Auction-based Cloud Market: A Multi-Agent Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient ApproachShi, Bing; Huang, Lianzhen; Shi, Rongjian
286Adaptive Recollected RNN for Workload Forecasting in Database-as-a-ServiceLiu, Chenzhengyi; Mao, Weibo; Gao, Yuanning; Gao, Xiaofeng; Li, Shifu; Chen, Guihai